Nursery Weekly Plan May 18th - 22nd, 2020.

Dear Parents, 
Welcome to another week of home school. We are so glad we've got the opportunity to help you guide your child through this toughs moments. I enjoy looking at the pictures and videos. We are 2 weeks away from the last day of school, so it's important we have the best energy and positive vibes. Remember you can reach out to me if you have any question or need any extra help. It's amazing how the year went by so fast! Can't wait to see my babies back. Have a great week!
Love, Ms. Ale!

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Circle time: We are going to sing our favourite nursery rhymes and do early literacy by reading a book with our child.

This activity objective is to encouraging your child's use of the five Early Literacy practices will ensure they are ready to read when the time comes. Grab your child favourite story book and have them tell the story to you. We can do this with different books.

Activity: Play-doh and drinking straws.
Flatten out a medium-size piece of Play-Doh on a flat surface. Then use a sharp object to draw a letter on the flattened area. (Make sure that the letter is large enough to be easily recognisable when filled with straws.) Cut plastic straws into one-inch segments. Let kids “trace” the letters with the colorful straw segments. 

Sensory Activity: Kick the cup
For this gross motor activity we need plastic cups, marker and a ball. We are going to write a number or 2 one on each side of the cup . Than wee are going to put them in a line we are going to ask our child to kick the ball for the cup that has number 3 for example. And that way continue saying the numbers for them to follow. 

Circle time: We are going to sing our favourite nursery rhymes and kids food pyramid.

The food and how we talk to our child about it is very important specially when fruits and vegetables are not their favourite thing. For this weeks topic we are going to be using a lot of them. This activity is about showing them what is the pyramid, what is the best food and the food we don't need to eat a lot. 

After we have a conversation on this we are going to have the activity where we are going to have different food that belong to the pyramid and we are going to have them divide it. 

Activity: Number Search
This math activity will we great to review numbers by identifying them. This paper can be done in a white paper and use any numbers you have already (puzzles or toys) to be the one they have to follow or you can make paper flashcards to be changing it. You can also use beans, pasta, recycle plastic caps or any material for them to use to identify in the paper. It's important we repeat the name of the number always. 

Sensory Activity: Learning tastes
Tasting is the kids favourite activity. We can make this a very fun activity! Here you have two different options but you can make your own. The idea is to have them guess what they are tasting and have different food. Once they try it all they an finish eating it. 

Circle time: We are going to sing our favourite nursery rhymes and nature exploring pages.

Nature Exploring Pages
We are going to give the child the paper that contains the different images he need to go explore outside and find each one of them. We are than going to say the name of each one and also the characteristics for example are they hard or soft? Is it big or little? What color is it? Can we eat it or not? 

Activity: Independent reading and writing. 
Reading and writing is something different to listen for child this age, but the importance is to have this door open to them for when they feel like starting reading and writing. So for this activity we are going to listen to this story and than we are going to hand them a white paper or any paper and have them draw about the story. The drawing doesn't need to be perfect. It's an open space for the child to demonstrate how they understood the story. Here you have some drawings examples from other kids so you can observe that the story behind the drawing is the important thing. 


Sensory Activity: Shovelling Sprinkles Relay Race
For this activity you need a plastic spoon, 2 short cups and sprinkles (if you don't have any sprinkles you can use rice, beans, lentils or other easy to carry). The task is to use there teeth and try moving from one cup to the other the food. 

Circle time: We are going to sing our favourite nursery rhymes and Story telling "Food talking flashcards"


Activity: Cutting fruit and vegetables\ Building with fruit and vegetables. 
Children love to help out in the kitchen! Here is a fun way to get them introduced to cutting with a knife. The materials needed are: Kids knife (or a butter knife would work), cutting board and the fruits and vegetables easy to cut ( bananas, melon, watermelon, grapes, boiled broccoli and cauliflower.)We instruct them to hold the fruit with his less dominant hand to keep it in place, then carefully cut straight down with his dominant hand. We also need to  remind them to keep his fingers out of the way of the knife when holding the fruit.
Once we finish cutting we are going to need tooth picks and invite them to a free play by building with the fruits and vegetables they cut and encourage them to eat it as well. 

Sensory Activity: Exploring box.
We are going to need a small box and different utensils you feel your child can guess. The box needs to be small cardboard box and we can make small holes on each side so they can be able to put their hand inside. We are going to be putting inside the box different objects for them to guess and name. 


Circle time: We are going to sing our favourite nursery rhymes and snacking with animals.

We are going to draw a small track in a white paper just as you see in the picture below. This activity helps with the progression in the child. We are also reviewing the food. The idea of the activity is to move the animal through the line and color it belongs to and take to the fruit and once they finish they can eat it. Let's try using fruits and vegetables. 

Activity: Stamping with fruit and Vegetables.
Creating arts is important in the children develop. It gives them the freedom to create and explore. With this activity we are going to give the children different kind of fruit and vegetables and have a plate with different colored paints. Than we are going to stamp them. This is a fun way to review colors and shapes too. 

Sensory Activity: Free Play Drawing Activity.
For this invitation we are going to give the child different materials for him to draw and color. We can have conversations with the child so we can understand what is his idea and what he is interested in painting. Using this materials they are going to have a free play drawing activity. 
This are examples of drawings, they don't need to be perfect they need to be just as they want them to be! Let's not stop the creating side of our children!

Hope you enjoy every activity! This hard time are almost done and we hope we can see you soon. Remember to stay home and stay safe! 

Love, Ms. Ale.