Nursery Weekly Plan 25th-29th, 2020

Dear Parents, 
We are here in our last week of school. It has been amazing to have your child in my class and even though this wasn't the way we wanted this to end I'm proud of the work we've done together at home school the past few months. Thank you for your cooperation and for becoming a teacher for your child this is a lesson for life. 
Love, Ms. Ale!

Circle time: We are going to sing our favourite nursery rhymes and do a balloon Magic experiment. 

Magic Balloon Experiment 
This is a fun idea for children. So let's get ready to make some magic! 
We need: balloons, baking soda, funnel, vinegar and a plastic bottle. 
The procedure is: 
1. Introduce the baking soda into the balloon using the funnel. 
2. Put 1\2 cup of vinegar into the plastic bottle.
3. Place balloon over lip of water bottle. 
4. Dump content of balloon into the water bottle. 
5. Look at it grow!! 

Activity: Cardboard Numbers
The following activity purpose is to identify, write and count numbers from 1-10. For this we need a cardboard ( a cereal box) or paper, marker or pencil and paint. We are first going to do the numbers and circles for the child. Than we are going to have paint of a plane surface (plate) so they can use their magic finger to trace the numbers and fill in the circles while we count the circles and say the name of the number. 

Sensory Activity: Garage toss
This is a great gross motor activity! First we are going to start of by putting different shape balls on a basket. Than using a masking tape we are going to put an X on the wall. Have the child stand feet away from the point and TOSS the ball to try to make it to the middle of the X. Count points and enjoy! 

T U E S D A Y 
Circle time: We are going to sing our favourite nursery rhymes and play smack the numbers. 

Smack the Numbers
We are going to have flashcards of the numbers on the floor (this can be made of paper and different color markers) and give the children a fly killer and they will smack the number you say. This activity is amazing for identifying numbers!

Activity: Shape Printing
This is a free play art craft. The idea is to review shapes and colors by having the child stamp them. We will need paint, paper (magazine, white paper, newspaper, cardboard) and recycle toilet paper roll. With this rolls we are going to fold them to create the shape we want to and have the child stamp it. 

Sensory Activity: Animal rescue.
A un water activity and fine motor skills. We need 2 buckets one with water and on empty one. We are also going to look for animals we have at home in the toys and put them in the water bucket. Using a scoop rescue the animals from one bin to the other. It's important we also say the name of the animals and that way we are reviewing them as well. 
*If you want add blue paint or food colouring to the water* 

W E D N E S D A Y 
Circle time: We are going to see a story about animals. 

Activity: Egg cartoon caterpillar 
We are reviewing animals and what better way to do it than an art craft. This caterpillar is also functional for math activities as well. For this art craft we need egg cartoon, paint and black marker. 
The first thing we need is to cut the egg cartoon. Second give the child paint and paintbrush to paint the caterpillar. Once it's dry you can make the face and add the antennas. 

Sensory Activity: Nature's Stampers
Exploring in a natural environment is a great thing for children. It's very simple, collect (or let the children gather) various natural loose parts, then experiment with pressing them into play dough.

T H U R S D A Y 
Circle time: We are going to sing our favourite nursery rhymes using a treasure basket. 
For this circle time is working a bit different. We are going to look into the toys with our children and find objects that we know have a nursery rhyme for example a bus (the wheels on the bus), a spider (itsy bitsy spider), numbers ( the number song), color (the color song) sun (the weather song) and more songs we've learned through the year. I am putting some songs in here as well but it's important we give this chance for the children to make their own choices. 

Activity: Alphabet Find. 
We are going to review our letters by playing a game with our children. This alphabet find consistes on creating letter flashcards and hide them in the house. We are going to have our children look for all of them and every time they find one we repeat the name of that letter. Have fun! 

Sensory Activity: Paper Picnic Construction
Construction helps our child figure out how you can create stuff and how they can also be destroyed. This activity is all about using paper cups and plates and create towers and houses. 

F R I D A Y 
Circle time: Outdoor Water Sensory table
Step 1 – Find a small tray or dish: Basically find something that has a lip. A large tray will work, as do seed trays and plant dishes.
Step 2 – Gather lots of pots and pans: Grab some pots, pans, plastic dishes – whatever you have to hand. Tupperware, takeaway dishes and plastic containers work really well. Arrange them on the tray.
Step 3 – Spoons and Whisks: Grab some old spoons, whisks, wooden spoons. Anything you can use to mix.
Step 4 – Food Colouring and Glitter: Now for the fun part. Fill your pots, pans and Tupperware with water and add some food colouring. If you want to take your water sensory tray a step further, add in some glitter.

Activity: Color scavenger hunt.
For this activity we are going to give our a paper that has the colours already like the one you see below. The next thing is going on a scavenger color hunt it can be an outside nature activity or inside as well. 
Sensory Activity: Leaf pasting
So for this activity we are going to go to the garden and grab as many leafs as we can. Than we are going to use glue to paste them to create a picture or art leaf mosaic. 
Time passed very quickly, I can't believe it! 
We made it through our nursery year! 
Can't wait to see back next year! 
Love, Ms. Ale