Kinder Weekly Plan May 25th - 29th, 2020

Kinder Weekly Plan May 25th - 29th, 2020
Monday May 25 

Story Froggy learns to swim by Johathan London    Frogs are suppose to be good swimmers. “Not  me ! “ says froggy who is afraid of the water. But with a little encouragement some help of a silly song or two Froggy learns!

Song: Let’s go to the beach. 

Early literacy:  Sight Words OLD the children will work with finding the sight word old. 

Maths: Flower number line the children will complete the number line from smallest to largest. 

Gross Motor :    Pool noodle balloons! This game is like  soccer But with pool noodles and a balloons for some summer fun! 

Tuesday May 26 
Story Fun in the sun by David Catrow A hapless dog frolics in the sun and sand on a prefect beach day. 

Song: The Octopus Song 

Early Literacy: Sight word sentence building  Cut out the words at the bottom of the page and paste them in the correct order.

Maths:   Count on to add The number plus the images to add to the total.

Gross Motor: Ballon Cup shooters. We will cut of the bottom of a cup then place a balloon over the mouth of a cup, place a small ping pong ball or other small object and pull the ballon to send the object flying. 

Wednesday May 27ty 
Story: To the Beach by Linda Ashman   Going to beach what shall we bring ?

Songs : Three Jelly Fish 

Early Literacy: Sight word ALL. We have several practice activities building on the sight word ALL.

Maths: ice cream to ten   The children will add ten to the number on the ice cream cone and write the total on the other scoop.

Gross Motor : Frog 🐸 jump and measure   We will place tape on the floor and the the Froggy    (the kids) will jump and we will measure to see who jumps further.

Thursday May 28 th 
Story : Summer days and nights by Wong Yee  On a summer day a little girls finds new ways of keeping cool.

Songs : We are going on a picnic 

Early Literacy: I See sight words   We will on the sight word See with various activities. 

Maths: Count back to subtract   The children will complete the subtraction equations.

Gross Motor:    We will place four hula hoops or make four circles with string. In each circle we will put a words and then we will hide the rhyming words around the yard for children to find. They will collect the words and place them in the correct rhyming circle.

Friday May 29th 
Story : The last day of Kindergarten by Nancy Loewen.   A little girl is sad that it’s the last day of kindergarten she wishes it was the first day again!

Song: Summer Jive 

Early Literacy: Hickety Bickety Bumblebee     Can you learn this word with me! We will be working with the word can.

Maths:  Add or Subtract    The children will complete the equations weather adding or subtracting.

Gross Motor: Run and sort  The children will run and sort the colour Pom poms from one container to the other counting how many of each colour !

Enjoy your summer ! Xoxo Ms Perri ❤️