Kinder Weekly Plan May 18th - 22th, 2020

Monday May 18 

Story Summer Time Bounce by Flitzy Books
Summer has finally arrived and a lonely little beach ball is ready to play ! Join the little ball as it bounces, twirls and spins it’s way across the sand landing in all sorts of goofy places!

Song: in the summer sun 

Early literacy:Summer Phonics Vowels Activity the children will put in the missing Vowels to complete the word building on their Vowel skills.

Maths: Sea Creature subtraction    Completely subtraction equations.

Gross Motor : Don’t touch the lava 

  1. First, scatter your “stepping” stones around on the floor of whatever room you want to play in. We used the floor of our family room.
  2. Designate a safe starting spot to be “home”. We chose the couch.
  3. Scatter your learning cards around the floor, preferably on the opposite side of your lava river from your “home”.
  4. Explain to your child(ren) that you’re going to pretend that the floor is lava, and their job is to rescue the cards from the lava one by one.
  5. Call out a word/number/letter for your child to rescue. They can only step on the stepping stones. If they successfully get to the card, pick it up, and return to “home” without touching the floor, they get to keep the card and get a point.
  6. If they touch the “lava” at any time, they must put the card down (if they have already gotten it), and return to “home” to try again. (You can decide how strict to be on this rule.)
  7. Continue calling out cards for your child to rescue (taking turns if you have multiple children playing) until all the cards have been recovered. Then celebrate your triumph over the lava!

Tuesday May 19th 
Story: Summer by Alice Low a young boy describes the happy things that summer brings !

Song: Boom Chicka Boom Summer 

Early literacy Rhyme Bubbles :    The children will find the words that rhyme with the word in the centre of the bubble building on their rhyming words 

Maths: Under the sea count and graph    The children will count the sea animals and then colour the squares in the graph depicts the number of  each type of sea animals.

Gross Motor: Pool noodle Balance Beam    The children will practice moving across the balance beam in various ways.

Wednesday May 20th 

Story: ice cream summer by Peter Sis  A picture book that is as breezy, sweet and irresistible as ice cream in the summer . 

Song: Summer Song 

Early literacy: Beach Ball sight words    The children of colour in the site words on the beach ball with the corresponding colour assigned to that site word.

Maths: Find and count sea creatures  the children will count the number of different sea creatures and record the correct number for each 

Gross Motor: Flying Fish 🐠  The children will take turns tossing wet sponge fish at each other while the other child attempts to catch the fish. Then switch .

Thursday May 21st 
Story: And then comes summer by Tom Brown   A joyful, sun-drenched tribute to the anticipation and adventures of the warmest season of the year.

Song: Summer easy song 

Early literacy: Sentence Fun  The children will complete the sentences using words from the word bank. Building on their site word  skills.

Maths: Addition to tens  The children will  completely equations adding  to 10!

 Gross Motor: Summer Yoga dice   The children will roll the dice and perform the yoga moves depicted by the number they rolled .

Friday May 22nd 

Story: I see summer by Charles Ghigna.   Easy to read rhyming text about what makes summer special.

Song: I love summer time 

Early literacy:  Dab site words      The children are use a bingo Dobber On the site words with the appropriate assign colour.

Maths: missing number ice cream cone    The children will cut and paste the number word ice cream on the correct number cone .

Gross Motor: Summer Gross motor dice game    The children will roll the dice and then preform the action shown on the dice.